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Waste Management

Waste Permitting & Planning

- Project management & coordination for small and medium sized projects/companies
- Planning applications for waste facilities
- Permit applications for waste facilities
- Permit compliance & regulator engagement
- Permit support for site closure & surrender.

Environmental Technical & Operational Management Support

- Leachate management
- Treatment feasibility assessments
- Environmental compliance management support
- Project management of waste & environmental projects
- Permit compliance audits

Leachate Haulage & Disposal (Tankering) Options & Price Comparisons

- Market reviews and price comparison for leachate tinkering from landfill sites or other contaminated liquids from waste & quarrying facilities.

RDF & SRF Specifications & Disposal/Recovery Options

- Support to operators seeking to improve RDF/SRF quality
- Sourcing suppliers and users of RDF/SRF

Assessment & Optimisation of Waste Treatment

- Processes & environmental control systems
- Operational, technical & commercial assessments of waste treatment activities

Separation of Active & Inactive Wastes Destined for Landfill or Glass or Compost Clean up to Improve Quality & Value

- Sourcing equipment that can process residual fines to maximise the quantity of inactive waste (<10% LOI) from the active fraction.

Problem Waste Streams Disposal/Recyling Options

- Outlets for hazardous waste
- Tyres
- Waste Carpets


Environmental Management Systems - Coordination & Developments

- Provide support in developing site management systems (Environmental, Quality and Health & Safety)
- Production of fire prevention plans
- Waste & resource management
- Financial provision and life cycle cost modelling

Odour Management & Odour Abatement Plant Performance Assessment

- Development of odour monitoring methods
- Performance assessments for odour abatement plants, & the project management of the design of abatement plant upgrades

Ultrasonic Tank Testing

- Use of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods to provide a service which can confirm (or not) the integrity of your steel tanks; including leachate tanks & fire water storage tanks.

Surface Water Outfall Controls

- Installation of oil absorbent booms on river or stream outfalls ensuring a last line of defence for a site
- Installing emergency environmental response kits for emergency spillages and leaks

Environmental Monitoring

- Monitoring of landfill gas & leachate to confirm compliance with sites' permits & permissions
- Interpretation of monitoring results & the provision of regular environmental reports

Flood Risk Assessments

- Providing detailed flood risk assessments and practical support & advice

Hydrogeological Support

- Providing clients with hydrogeological risk assessments
- Support on practical groundwater protection & management measures

Redundant Asset Management

Closed Site Management & Site Redevelopment

- We have supported numerous waste management operators & site owners in both understanding their liabilities in respect of closed sites and the potential value that these sites may hold.
- Our aim is to assist our clients in optimizing the value of their closed or redundant assets.

Closed Landfill Site Audits & Inspections

- Arranging site inspections & audits to be carried out by a technically competent manager e.g. CoTC holder.
- Carrying out quarterly visits to ensure site condition, security and infrastructure area ta a satisfactory standard and operator are compliant with their permits/licenses.

Full Site Life Cost Modelling

- Modelling the cost for the whole life span of a site

Solar PV & Grid Balancing, STOR (Short Term Operating Reserve)

- Review of old landfill & quarry sites where we can assess the opportunity of installing either Solar/PV schemes or grid balancing / STOR facilities.
- Secure revenue streams to help offset site management costs & provide green credentials for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting.

Site Surrender

- Helping operators move towards the surrender of site permits
- The surrender of a permit potentially opens up opportunities for the site to generate revenue.

Use of Beneficial Wastes in Quarry & Landfill Restoration

- Our aim in this area of our business is to help clients either find outlets for the beneficial wastes which they produce or to work with landowners who have land and sites where such beneficial wastes can be utilized.

Cost Savings on Site Infrastructure

- Reviewing whether all monitoring points are needed, agreeing removal from schedules & decommissioning them where necessary

Associated Services (With Partners)

Land & Property Matters

- We work with development companies who are looking for new land to develop on

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Practical Uses

- Geographical Information Systems are systems designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present all types of geographical data in a spatial form of output.
- The use of GIS software for spatial mapping and analytics.

Technology Choices for Waste Processing

- We work with companies who supply new technologies in waste processing and landfill aftercare management.

Waste Business Insurance Review

- We work with an associate insurance broker to assess the level of insurance cover required for your waste facility and whether it can be improved

Topographic Surveys

- Topographic Surveys and Aerial Inspections using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's)
- Aerial site survey and site installation inspection work