About Us

Small, Experienced Team

We are a small waste, environmental and energy consultancy team established in 2005, based in the Cotswolds. We pride ourselves in offering tailored consultancy services to the waste and resource management sector and associated industries.

Helping Clients Across the Globe

We are committed to helping our clients and partners balance their environmental responsibilities with their need for business profitability and/or organisational efficiency.

We provide support to the private and public sectors and deliver our services throughout the UK and Ireland as well as occasional work in mainland Europe and globally.


Specialists in Environmental Responsibility

We support waste operators and associated businesses with practical, environmental waste management, consultancy and operational services.

Our experience as operators and our understanding of the commercial practicalities of waste management,
together with the need for environmental responsibility and our relationship with specialist technical associates, allows us to offer a unique service to our clients.

Constantly Evolving

We are continually looking to identify emerging technologies or practices that may be of assistance to operators and site owners, either in finding ways for you to reduce costs and/or generate revenue alongside maintaining or improving environmental performance.





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